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I'm not suggesting that you change employment overnight. The grass isn't always greener. However, it's hard for managers and loan officers to make an educated decision if you don't know the opportunities in the marketplace.

The best career advice is to be proactive, know your options, gain knowledge on the competition, and be prepared for change. The most expensive thing in the world is a closed mind.

If you are not Averaging 275-450 basis Points per loan
you are losing money

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"Rates are better than you see, if you set the margins and pricing. You should NOT have to charge buyers discount points to get a decent rate"

An Easier Way to Earn

Stop letting the mortgage companies and your management team make all the MONEY when you do all the work. You should average 275 bps - 450 bps this is not a pipe dream this could be your REALITY.

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The Traditional Process

  • You Do all the work and producing
  • Avg 100-150 bps
  • Red Tape to Implement a better process
  • Management EARNS off your efforts
  • Not in control over pricing when markets get tough
  • Management plays with Rates daily & you can't compete

Taking Control with a True Profit & Loss Model

  • Average 275 - 450 bps
  • Discretion Goes Away, its all your money
  • Earn More Money while not sacrificing rates or turn times and closings
  • No Middle Management
  • Full Support & Training

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