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Why thank those who didn’t invest in stock market when you did?

Why thank those who didn’t invest in stock market when you did?

Did you invest in the equity or equity mutual funds in your entire life?

If yes, you may like to thank those who didn’t invest. Why?

Out of 134 crores Indians, only about 2 crores have invested into equity thus far. Hence, the rest 132 crores Indians would have spent their money on something else – to buy, to invest, to lend etc. Let’s understand “Why our neighbours not investing in Equity is a good thing for us”:

We all need secondary source of income, first being our profession, job or business. We need 10%-20%-30% return on investment from our business, then why do we settle for just 7% into FDs or 4-5% into real estate and gold? It is always wise to follow asset allocation. When you are young, take risk – calculated one, and think about long term impact and not short term.

Caution: Before jumping on the bandwagon of equity investment, understand your risk profile, tenure of investment, frequency of investment. Consult your investment advisors to understand more as hasty decision will prompt you to buy companies which may be just trending or moving up without fundamental basis. If you are looking for a financial consultant, you may contact us.

Thank the people around you who tells you that they were better off not investing into equity. 

Fincare Services encourages people to take informed decision and as part of this journey and campaign, intends to create awareness among 22,000 readers, who belong to every categories – HNIs, NRIs and Retail.

Why “Fincare Services” should be your preferred Financial Planner? We realise that your financial needs are different and hence we offer you services that enhance comfort and efficiency. So while you are away from India, we make sure that your money works harder and smarter for you. Fincare Services has a clear edge over its competitors. The team comprises well-known and experienced Chartered Accountant and Certified Financial Planners who are in sync with the latest trends in the field of Financial Planning.

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